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MerkMakers stands for BrandCreators

We consider effective communication to be an art and communication for brands in particular a special art form. To achieve such communication, we developed a method that combines our two biggest talents: freethinking and being practical.
We call it ‘Sense, Soul and Sales’.



Sense, Soul and Sales



Generating new insights and separating fact from fiction, sense from nonsense. That is where it starts. To clarify what we expect of each other, to set our goals together and to boost and solidify your brand together. Increase its value. Our freethinking mentality becomes effective on every strategic, creative and inspiring level. Don’t expect any advertising tricks up our sleeves. Instead, look forward to sane advice, concepts and means that make a brand The Brand.



Freethinking allows us to uncover the soul of your brand. The stable factor in these ever-changing times. The sun around which your planets orbit. What sets it apart? How does it stay ahead of the competition? How can you use it to effectively apply new developments?
How to let it ring through in every step your brand takes? Together, we’ll find answers. Fast. With success.
So we can turn your brand into The Brand.



Ultimately, it’s all about sales. A top selling brand. That generates profit and leads to growth. Thanks to effective communication with convincing content and striking creativity. That is successful because it is implemented at the right place and time. Sense, soul and sales is the best that could happen to any brand. Because it will turn any brand into The Brand.


Sense, Soul, Sales.  We hope this foundation is an inspiring invitation to collaborate with MerkMakers. 

Shall we?

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